The Swim House

Unit D, Lichfield Retail Park

The Swim House, Lichfield, will be the first of its kind nationwide. It will provide a top-class coaching facility, which utilises the latest technology aimed at swimmers.

The facility will provide 25 hours’ worth of primary school water time per week, benefiting residents of Lichfield District. In addition, the Swim House will provide ‘get into swimming’ and coaching for all levels of swimming which will benefit the whole community.

Planning Submission

A planning application has been lodged with Lichfield District Council and we welcome your support.

The proposal is for a swim specific training facility, providing four 25m swim lanes and a swim specific gym in a highly sustainable location. The facility will provide swim related facilities, including:

  • A 25m four-lane pool
  • A dry training facility
  • Physio facilities
  • Flotation room
  • Café/restaurant/lobby/retail/learning space

The application seeks to add the indoor swimming use to the existing permitted use of the retail store.


The Swim House will deliver:

  1. New jobs to the site, with 13 full time positions
  2. Pool time for local schools
  3. Access to the pool for local clubs
  4. Elite standard training for athletes

The proposal will enable a lifetime journey, from a baby’s first experience through to elite training and aiming for ‘gold’.

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